Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Boekoe meliatin kitab Kwan Im : a sino-malay poetical fortune telling book

[Sino-malay literature / Poetry / Divination / Fortune telling / Kau cim]

Boekoe meliatin kitab Kwan Im

Batavia (Jakarta), Kwee Khe Soei, nd [ca 1930].

16,5 x 11 cm, 16°, 120 pp.stapled under orange printed and illustrated wrappers.

First edition (?) of this sino-malay divination / visionary / fortune telling / magical book written in verses.

"Boekoe meliatin" could be translated as "book of vision". It follows the Kwan Im (Kau cim / Kuan Yin) method of divination, with 30 chapters made of 25 stanzas of 4 verses. In his introduction the author says that you should not expect more than one answer to one question you ask to the book. He also states that his book contains some magic.

The book has been published after 1929 as the publishers advertises on the back cover a title that was published in 1929 and that he says is allmost out-of-print.

Damages to paper around the two staples, making the binding fragile. Still a good copy. 

25 €

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