Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kotoba no tebiki, 1943 (2603). Multilingual Japanese-Malay-Javanese-Sundanese-Madurese dictionary

[Japanese / Malay / Javanese / Sundanese / Madurese Pocket Dictionary] 

Kotoba no tebiki : Nippon - Melajoe - Djawa - Soenda - Madoera

[Djakarta], Djawa Goenseikanboe, Balai Pustaka, [Kōki] 2603 [i. e. 1943].

13 x 9 cm, small 16°, 200 pp., stapled under semi-rigid printed boards. 

First and probably only edition of this multilingual dictionary or, more precisely, word guide.

It gives first on 6 columns on two pages the translation of Japanese words (written in rōmaji and kanji characters) in Malay, Javanese, Sundanese and Madurese and then, the translation in Japanese written in romanized characters of each of these languages on two columns per page. This pocket dictionary was published by the Japanese occupier of the Netherland Indies and intended both to Japanese and educated locals.

Repeated and various stamps and handwritten signature of M. Sjafingi from Solo. Uncommon Indonesia Japanese occupation imprint.

Wrappers a bit worn, some signs of wear due to the staple. Good-.


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