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Pouw Kioe An: Halfmaandblad Terang, 1935, complete set, bound

Pouw Kioe An [a.k.a Sastradjaja or Romo] (dir.)

Halfmaandblad Terang. Tahun pertama: Maret 1935 - 30 Juni 1935 . Nomor 1-7

Semarang, "Terang", 1935. 

24 x 15 cm (R), 8vo, set of 7 issues, 64 pp. each, numerous illustrations, game insets preserved, color pictorial covers preserved, contemporaray bound in quarter brown cloth, smooth spine, handwritten title on paper pasted down on front board (label of Kariosentono, bookbinder in Yogyakarta).

A probably complete set of this rare bi-weekly malay speaking chinese magazine. 

It is the continuation of weekly "Pantjawarna", published in Tasikmalaya and edited by the same Indonesian writer of Chinese descent, Pouw Kioe An. 

Also known as Romo or Sastradjaja, Pouw Kioe An was born in Cianjur in 1906. He served in numerous newspapers and magazines and is an important figure of pre and post-independance malay-speaking ethnic chinese ("peranakan") literature. The first chapters of his famous novel Oh, Prampoean! (O, Perempuan!), published in 1937, appear here for the first time.

Intended for the Chinese community living in the Netherland Indies, this bi-weekly was strongly supporting the integration of the ethnic chinese in the country and published various news from around the world, essays, poetry, tales and novels, not only of Chinese interest. Repeated stamps and handwritten signature of Mr. Tan Djoen Siang, from Yogyakarta.

Cloth of binding used, paper a bit browned, a good+ copy.


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