About Indonesian Rare Books & Prints

Indonesian Rare Books & Prints is a blog focusing on Indonesian books sold by Julien Mannoni livres anciens.

Julien Mannoni livres anciens is an online antiquarian bookshop located in Paris and runned by Julien Mannoni. We mostly focus on French modern illustrated books and engravings but a small portion of our inventory is made of Indonesian books, prints and works on paper. We speak Indonesian and spend part of our time in Yogyakarta, central Java, where we collect various material.

It is more a hobby than the main part of our buisness. We just want to show here the few books we managed to collect. If you want to purchase one, just email us. We accept Paypal and money orders. Orders can also be done by credit cards through Abebooks.com or Biblio.com.

The books listed in this blog can be, for some of them, in poor or just fair condition, as the Indonesian climate is not favorable to paper conservation. Prints are quickly endamaged by the high level of  humidity and the paper is often the victim of the huge appetite of various worms and insects. Condition will allways be described, and the books and prints properly graded from fine to poor.

To know more about us, please visit our web page or our other blog (both being in our native language: French). 

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