Monday, October 22, 2012

Errinnophily: Indonesian road tax disc labels for Yogyakarta, 1957

[DPRD and DPD Kotapradja Jogjakarta]
[Errinnophily : Indonesian road tax disc labels]

Peraturan-peraturan dan keputusan-keputusan dari kotapradja Jogjakarta. Himpunan lembaran dan tambahan lembaran kotapradja Jogjakarta. 1957

Jogjakarta (Yogyakarta), [Yogyakarta municipality], 1957.

16 - 28 - 246 pp., 6 colored samples of road tax disc labels for non-motorised vehicles (carts - andong, handcarts - kletek, horse or buffle carts - cikar, becak, bicycles) pasted-down, softcover.

Scarce gathering of decisions of the municipal parliament and government of Yogyakarta. Very interesting for the six road tax (vehicle duty) disc labels (vignettes), which are in fine condition. Cover a bit worn, else very good.

70 €

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