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Kwee Boen Hian, Penjedar, Indonesian theosophic monthly

Kwee Boen Hian (dir.)

Penjedar, nn° 51-59 (1955)

Magelang, Penjedar, nd [1955].

18,5 x 13,5 cm, tall 12°, 9 numbers of 52 pages each (including the covers) bound in one quarter-buckram volume, title on spine and on front board along with "Lie Djong Hian" supra-libris, all covers preserved.

Excellent collection of volumes of this sino-indonesian theosophic monthly.

Repeated stamps from Lie Djong Hian from Solo, whose supra-libris is also on the front board. In issue n° 52 we found a printed inset where the same Lie Djong Hian invites the readers to a lecture by Siauw Tik Tjwan and Satyapranawa at P.T.T.I. (Perhimpunan Teosofi Tjabang Indonesia) Solo on octobre 1955, with the nice stamp from P.T.T.I. loge in Solo on the verso.

Each issue wears the title of the first article, which is sometimes continued on the next issue(s). N° 51 : "Tenang menghadapi pantjaroba" (facing change with serenity) by Supadio. N° 52 : "Apakah Yoga itu?" (what is Yoga?) by R. Sastrowirjo. N° 53 : "Apakah hidup itu" (what is life?) by R. Sastrowirjo. N° 54 : "Siapa yang mebuat Karma?" (who makes karma?) by R. Sastrowirjo. N° 55 : "Bagaimanakah pendidikan didalam rumah?" (how's education at home?) by R. Sastrowirjo. N° 56 : "Apakah artinya djalan meningkat?" (what's the meaning of an ascending path?) by R. Sastrowirjo. N° 57 : "Apakah artinya murid?" (what means being a student?) by R. Sastrowirjo. N° 58 : "Apakah maksudnya hidup" (what is the meaning of life?) by Inayat Khan. N° 59 : "Apakah artinya hari Natal?" ( what's the meaning of Christmas?) by Sadhak. Numerous other articles by various authors, some translations from international theosophic writers.

Quite uncommon, especially bound and with a provenance that seems quite interesting. Some damages to the binding, else perfect: a good copy.


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